South Florida

They were stranded at sea for two days— then came their S.O.S.

U.S. Coast Guard

Six Jamaicans were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard about 76 miles southwest of Tortuga, Haiti after their boat went adrift, officials said.

Coast Guard crew members noticed a handheld flare in the Friday night sky and headed toward it. What they found was a stranded vessel that was on a voyage from Jamaica to Tortuga. The six passengers on board had been lost for two days and low on food and water.

Rescued were, Garnel Goldson ,30; Rohan Smith, 50; Raymond Foster, 30; Jermaine Brown ,32; Marvin Buchanon ,39 and Jermaine Lobiboun ,33. The six survivors were transferred to Cuban authorities with no reported injuries.

“The sea can be unforgiving and when a boat or vessel experiences a casualty at sea, having the right equipment can save lives as this case shows,” said Chris Eddy, Coast Guard Seventh District search and rescue coordinator. “This flare signaled to the crew who was within range to see it, ready to respond, and was able to save these six people.”