South Florida

Hate mosquitoes? Then you’re in for a long summer, experts say

Mosquito Pixabay

Sorry to break this to you.

But the mosquitoes are coming. Big time.

So say experts at

You can thank South Florida’s hot, humid climate, which these blood-sucking critters love.

But feel better knowing this is not just our problem.

Many areas throughout the United States experienced above-average rainfall this spring. Higher precipitation rates mean mosquito populations are thriving.

Accuweather experts estimate that mosquitoes are two to three times their normal rates.

“The mosquito life cycle requires water, they lay their eggs in or near water, and the larvae are actually aquatic,” Dr. Jim Fredericks, the chief entomologist for the National Pest Management Association, told “When there is water around, you’re going to have mosquito populations, particularly stagnant water.”

How long will this itchy hell last?

“I would expect that we will continue to have a buggy summer, pretty high levels this summer and extending into the autumn,” added Fredericks.

What can we say? Load up on bug repellent or stay inside.

Oh, and invest in a good fly swatter.