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‘So this happened:’ Watch video of a giant whale shark feeding off Palm Beach

Whale shark
Whale shark Pixabay

Lisa Bacon Interlandi had quite an exciting day out on the water Sunday.The Florida woman was boating off Palm Beach, when suddenly a whale shark came into view.

Video captures the giant creature breaching, with the city’s skyline in the background.whaleyOn her Facebook page, she wrote the caption: “So this happened today!” with the hashtag #omg.

Interlandi, whom the The Sun Sentinel identifies as an attorney, wrote in the comments section to friends that the shark was longer than her 22-foot boat.She told the media outlet that the creature “was feeding on the surface like a giant vacuum cleaner.”There’s a reason he or she was hungry; that’s a big stomach to fill.

According to National Geographic, whale sharks, known as the ocean’s “gentle giant,” can weigh more than 20 tons and grow up to more than 40 feet long.