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Choosing this company for Obamacare enrollment may get you free trips to the doctor

It’s health insurance open enrollment season, and insurance under the Affordable Care Act is now open. With over a million people expected to be using ACA, also known as Obamacare, choosing the right health insurer is important.

One Florida insurer is incentivising their insurance plan by offering “reliable transportation.”

On Friday, ACA opened its “doors” for enrollment at and will be closing them in 44 days on Dec. 15.

The number of Floridians who enrolled in Obamacare plans was near 1.67 million in February 2019, according to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services data.

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On the same day, Florida Blue, one of Florida’s largest health insurer’s, announced an incentive they are offering for patients who enroll into Florida Blue’s ACA individual plan.

Its offer? Members on their individual plan will be able to get Lyft rides to their doctor’s vists.

The insurer is working with Lyft to roll-out the incentive in early 2020 through the Better Your Strides rewards program. Members would have to request a Lyft promotion code. Through the program, members can also earn up to $100.

“We want to support our members and help ensure that a lack of transportation is not a barrier to getting the care they need,” said Chuck Divita, executive vice president of commercial markets for Florida Blue, in a release.

The company says millions of Americans miss medical appointments each year due to lack of transportation, and these missed appointments have an impact on the health care system, leading to increased member medical costs, disruptions in care, and in turn, increased costly hospital and emergency room visits.

“At Lyft, we’re focused on improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation while reducing the healthcare transportation gap,” said Ariel Meyer, regional director of Lyft Florida. “To help further this commitment, we’re excited to partner with Florida Blue, making it easier for ACA members to receive the quality healthcare they deserve without transportation as a barrier.”

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