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Chocolate chip cookies are among the reasons this dentist’s license is suspended

Justin Devack
Justin Devack Florida Dept. of Corrections

Drugs found in luggage at an airport and in food at his home led to a Tamarac dentist’s license being suspended by the Florida Department of Health.

The DOH dropped an emergency suspension order on Jason Devack’s license July 22 after he pleaded guilty/best interest — not admitting guilt, but admitting a guilty plea is in his best interest — to one count of possession of a controlled substance. The 41-year-old Devack’s legal system punishment, five years of probation, began May 23.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Devack cooperated fully with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies and TSA agents when the latter found marijuana and hashish oil in Devack’s suitcase at Palm Beach International Airport as he departed for a June 14, 2018, trip to New York.

The affidavit said Devack told cops, yes, he packed the suitcase, smokes the marijuana daily and smokes the oil. He bought them in Colorado, where they’re legal, and sent them back to his Delray Beach home via FedEx. And, Devack said, he had another ounce of marijuana at home.

Detectives and Devack went back to his house after a stop at an airline counter to switch his flight. The affidavit said he not only signed the consent to search his house, he showed cops where he kept his oil, grass, pipes and four glass bongs in his bedroom and freezer.

“In the refrigerator, Devack showed me in a plastic container six chocolate chip cookies that he advised contained marijuana,” the affidavit said. “The cookies field tested positive for THC. ... Next to the cookies, Devack showed me another container that contained green butter. Devack advised the butter contained marijuana.”

Hash in his BMW finished the drug inventory.

Devack was arrested Sept. 27. He posted $5,000 bond the next day.

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