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The nurse told the teen boy patient he was ‘really big.’ The nurse has been arrested


A Lake City registered nurse faces allegations of sending a string of lewd Snapchat messages to a patient, such as “Below your’s really big.”

The patient is a 15-year-old boy. His mother caught the nurse with her version of an online undercover sting.

The Department of Health also issued an emergency suspension of the nursing license of 41-year-old Matthew Melvin, a father of one. Melvin, who had a registered and advanced practice nursing license since August 2000, was being held by the Columbia County jail on charges of obscene communication and cruelty toward a child.

According to the suspension order and arrest warrant, the boy (referred to in the arrest warrant as “CV,” which aren’t his initials) had been a patient of Melvin’s at Magnolia Pediatrics for three years when he saw Melvin for the annual school physical.

“During that visit, Melvin made CV feel uncomfortable with the way Melvin held CV’s penis and stared at it,” the arrest warrant said.

CV’s mother figured her son was just uncomfortable with that part of the physical.

A shoulder injury a few months later gave Melvin an opening, the suspension order said. He sent CV to get an MRI and, under the guise of sending the MRI results directly, got CV to give his cell phone number. The arrest warrant says Melvin texted CV the MRI results, then began hitting up CV through Snapchat.

CV told his mother, who set up her own sting. She told CV to keep communicating with Melvin, while she photographed the Snapchat messages, which usually disappear quickly. The warrant says she showed Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office investigators her photo gallery of conversations from Melvin to her son.

Melvin: Like lol r u for real a white dude below the waist

CV: Heck if I known lmao

Melvin: You know what I mean lol?

CV: Ik (translation: I know)

Melvin: Like that’s unusual

CV: What is

Melvin: below your waist your (sp) ya know

CV: What about it

Melvin: It’s really big. Damn boy

CV: ikr (translation: I know, right?)

Melvin: But fr I was messing with you earlier. I dig chicks just had to get you back from earlier you had me all confused

Matthew Melvin fitted.jpeg
Matthew Melvin Columbia County Sheriff's Office

Investigators later took over the phone and during an electronic conversation, Melvin asked, “When cud i c u?”

Undercover acting as CV: I jus wanna know wat u wanna do first

Melvin: u mean when I’m wit ya

UCV: Ya yhu said something earlier but never finished

Melvin: I wanna touch ya

UCV: Touch me? Like

Melvin: Ya

UCV: I’m kinda thinking yhu already did that lol

Later, Melvin asked if UCV would allow oral sex. After this conversation, the warrant says “an image was transmitted by Melvin that appeared to be an erect penis covered by a pair of red brief underwear.”

Melvin was arrested May 14,

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