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If you use these eye drops, you should stop immediately

All Lubrisine Eye Drops in 1-ounce dropper bottles made since May 12, 2012, have been recalled worldwide.

Consumers using Lubrisine Eye Drops should stop immediately.

According to the company-written, FDA-posted recall notice, Lubrisine maker Results RNA made this decision after a U.S. Food & Drug Administration inspection found the eye drops “to be manufactured using practices that do not support its sterility and contained undeclared colloidal silver.

Either situation can be a problem.

“Use of a non-sterile eye drop could result in a potentially sight threatening eye infection,” the notice says. “ Exposure to colloidal silver, over an extended period of time, could result in permanent discoloration of the conjunctiva.”

Anyone with questions about this recall can email; call 203-290-2992 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time; go to the website; or mail Results RNA, P.O. Box 93, New Hartford, CT, 06057.

Results RNA is recalling all lots of Lubrisine Eye Drops that have been made since May 12, 2012 after an FDA inspection found manufacturing conditions that might not be sterile and definitely have colloidal silver. FDA website

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