‘Little Big Planet 3’ right at home on PS4

'Little Big Planet 3' for PlayStation 4.
'Little Big Planet 3' for PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment, Sumo Digital

When Sackboy arrived on the PlayStation 3 in 2008’s Little Big Planet, it marked a change in direction for the console. It pushed the idea of player-generated content to the next level and made the Little Big Planet franchise known for its “Play, Create, Share” motto. Further refined by the 2011 sequel, Little Big Planet 2, which allowed more than just platforming, Little Big Planet 3 finally arrives Tuesday on the PlayStation 4.


Little Big Planet 3 continues to embrace its storybook-like, handcrafted aesthetic with more customization options for Sackboy. This translates well on the PlayStation 4, which further refines the appearance of the game.

Voice acting in the game continues to be a delight, especially the addition of “House, M.D.” star Hugh Laurie as the story’s main antagonist, Newton.

There are some notable frame-rate problems at various points of the game, but many of these issues can be resolved with the patch updates available on release.


Little Big Planet 3 sticks to the puzzle-platforming the series is known for, and this is fine because LBP3’s strength lies in the refinement of its strong gameplay core. The biggest addition to the game is its three new characters: OddSock, Toggle and Swoop. These new characters bring new mechanics that Sackboy himself cannot perform, such as OddSock’s wall-jumps or Swoop’s flight and carry. Sackboy himself gets a variety of new power-ups that only he can use and access through the Sackpocket.

The story provides some well-built levels with interesting boss encounters. It adds a more open world feeling by implementing quests to receive certain rewards, which can be easily tracked by the “Organisertron.”

Four players can play together via local multiplayer, but PlayStation Plus is required for online multiplayer (PlayStation Plus won’t be required to access the community levels or needed to share user-created levels).

Create mode now incorporates the new features of the PlayStation 4 as well as continuing support for the PlayStation Move on the PS4. Players have access to all the community-generated levels from previous games as well.


Little Big Planet 3 may not be a game changer like the previous two titles, but it refines the “Play, Create, Share” formula they introduced. LBP3 feels right at home on the PS4 where sharing plays a key role in how games are played today.

Long-time fans, old-school platform gamers and even new players, young or old, can all find something to enjoy in LBP3, and that might be Sackboy’s real appeal.

Little Big Planet 3

Platform: PS4

Price: $59.99

Player: 1-4