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The old Cuban consulate has been the subject of ghost stories. Now it can be yours.

Villa Paula, the former Cuban consulate in Miami, was built in 1925.
Villa Paula, the former Cuban consulate in Miami, was built in 1925. Cortesía

Interested in a 1925 building with fascinating links to ghost stories and Cuba, plus lots of French neoclassical architectural elements, Moorish arches and Spanish tile?

You're in luck, because Villa Paula, the former Cuban consulate in Miami, will go on sale Friday for $4.5 million as part of a group of four commercial lots.

The 2,552-square-foot property, which would look right at home in Havana, is in “an emerging and promising neighborhood of Little Haiti, one block from the innovative Magic City district,” real estate agent Jean-Luis Delbe of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty told el Nuevo Herald.

The six bedroom, three bath mansion, now owned by 5811 Investment Group LLC and open as an art gallery, has been the subject of ghost stories for many years.

The original owner was Cuba's consul general in Miami, Don Domingo Milford, who built the mansion for his wife, Paula. She died following surgery to amputate a leg and was buried in the garden, but her ghost has been reportedly seen “floating” along the hallways.

The supposed paranormal activity and other chapters of the mansion's history have attracted a lot of visitors and interest in the property.

Delbe said the mansion at 5811 N. Miami Ave would go on sale because a dispute among its current owners has been settled.

“The two brothers have come to an agreement and jointly want to sell the four properties (Villa Paula included) for $4.5 million,” he said.

Villa Paula last sold in 2016 for $500,000 to 5811 Investment Group LLC., owned by brothers Martin and Richard Siskind, according to a lawsuit filed in August 2017. Martin wanted to sell the property to pay off the mortgage and for a medical surgery.

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