Frost Museum announces $1 million gift from Badia Spices

A birds-eye view of construction at the Frost Science Museum in downtown Miami.
A birds-eye view of construction at the Frost Science Museum in downtown Miami.

Weeks after a county rescue of its under-funding construction project, the Frost Science Museum announced a $1 million gift to its capital campaign from Badia Spices.

The announcement was particularly encouraging for Frost management, which had said an infusion of $45 million in county money for the beleaguered construction effort would bolster confidence and attract private dollars. The independent non-profit fell short on the private donations needed to finish a $305 million new home on the Miami waterfront, which had already received $165 million in county money. With the $45 million county rescue approved April 5, museum officials said they’re on track to finish the project by the end of the year and complete the non-profit’s move from its longtime home on the Vizcaya estate in Coconut Grove.

A key requirement of the county bailout was that Frost not seek any more financial assistance until Miami-Dade retires the money it is borrowing to fund the rescue. The Frost had been slated to receive $4 million a year from the county in operating assistance, and the scrapped subsidy increased pressure on fund-raising efforts to make up the gap.

“The science around nutrition and personal wellbeing coupled to the museum’s commitment to education in Miami-Dade County represents a wonderful opportunity for Badia Spices to give back to our community,” Joseph “Pepé” Badia, president of the Doral-based spice maker, said in a statement. “Our three daughters grew up going to the museum’s location in Coconut Grove. It is an honor to be able to pay it forward!”