Angel investor education series planned in Coral Gables

The angel network Accelerated Growth Partners (AGP), Greenberg Traurig, Knight Foundation and the Kellogg School of Management are teaming up to offer a series of angel investor education workshops.

AGP relaunched last summer and has been meeting regularly and inviting selected startups to present at its meetings for potential funding. But another key mission of AGP is investor education. It wants to grow the angel investor community in South Florida, and is one of a number of efforts underway in South Florida.

AGP's new Angel Education Series will consist of six workshops aimed at training the Miami investment community in the intricacies of angel investing. These workshops will cover a range of topics such as Valuations, Portfolio Strategy, Post-investment Relationship, Legalities of Angel Investing and Picking Winners.

“The premise behind the Series is that while Miami startups are booming, the investment community today doesn't have enough tools to invest in early-stage tech ventures,” said Berardi. “With an all-star team of sponsors and speakers, we're attracting potential investors to come out and learn how to include angel investments as a part of their broader portfolio.”

The inaugural workshop on Jan. 28, “An Overview,” will be taught by the Angel Research Institute and take place at the Kellogg School of Management in Coral Gables. The sessions are free for SEC-accredited investors. Registration is required, space is very limited and accredited investors will get preference. For more information about the first session:

Nancy Dahlberg