Florida Bar study: Many women lawyers earn less than male counterparts


Having a law degree is no guarantee of equal pay.

According to results released Friday, 21 percent of young female lawyers responding to a survey by the Florida Bar said they were not paid comparatively with their male counterparts. A full 43 percent said they had experienced gender bias durng their careers. And 42% cited difficulties in balancing work/life responsibilities as a challenge or concern they face as practicing attorneys.

Wrote one woman, “After making partner, I learned that male attorneys were paid more out of law school than female attorneys with the same qualifications.”

Another wrote, “I have left a firm where I was told by my managing partner that I did not have to worry about making money and moving ahead because I would get married one day and will not have to worry about living expenses.”

More than 400 responded to the survey, conducted by the Young Lawyers Division of the Florida Bar.

“It was disheartening,” said Gordon Glover, president the Florida Bar’s Young Leaders Division, in a statement. “I was not expecting those sort of results with it being 2016.”

Said Florida Bar President Ramón A. Abadin via a statement, “There is no doubt that this presents a very sobering picture for our profession.” In a letter to bar leaders statewide he wrote, “It is not appropriate for any lawyer, regardless of gender, to be made to feel diminished or disrespected by a colleague, a client or a member of the court.

Jane Wooldridge