Bitcoin conference returns to Miami Beach

This weekend, hundreds of entrepreneurs, technologists, regulators and marketers will gather in Miami Beach for the return of the North American Bitcoin Conference, which is aimed at helping to drive the growing but controversial digital currency bitcoin from speculation to the mainstream.

Organizers are expecting about 1,000 people for the conference, which will cover topics such as Bitcoin 2.0, Bridging the Gap between Old World and New World Banking, Running Companies Without Bank Accounts, the Future of Bitcoin Security and Building New Blockchain Applications. Startups working on bitcoin marketplaces and other applications will also be showcased.

“One of the big aims of this conference is to help set the direction for Bitcoin’s near future. I can’t imagine a better group of speakers and attendees to enable that. With their help, I think we will make some headway in defining the largest teething points that are inhibiting growth and make some steps toward overcoming these with new technologies and a more unified approach,” said Moe Levin, founder of the conference, which attracted about 1,200 to Miami Beach last year.

This year’s conference is Friday through Sunday at the Fillmore Theatre on Miami Beach. More information and tickets:

Nancy Dahlberg