Road trip! Gas prices keep dropping in Miami

Gas prices continue to fall in South Florida.
Gas prices continue to fall in South Florida. AP

Gas prices continue to dribble downward, dropping another 3.7 cents per gallon in the Miami area in the past week.

The average Miami price is $2.03 a gallon, according to tracker, which surveyed nearly 1,700 stations. Lowest price in the area: $1.86 at a BJ’s in the 7000 block of Coral Way.

The average price in Florida, according to AAA, is $1.91. Gas is even cheaper in some parts of the state: $1.89 in Sarasota and Cape Coral, for example.

Nationally, the price per gallon fell to $1.89 a gallon, down from $1.96 a week ago.

The dropping prices resulted in an outrageous gas-price war in Michigan, where the price briefly dropped to 47 cents a gallon.

“Oil keeps sinking lower, making the cost to produce gasoline cheaper by the day,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said. “Prices have dropped nearly a full cent every day for the past 11 days.”