Bubbly prices remain flat

The Veuvre Cliquot sells for $44.99, the Syltbar prosecco is $19.99, and the Zardetto prosecco is $11.99.
The Veuvre Cliquot sells for $44.99, the Syltbar prosecco is $19.99, and the Zardetto prosecco is $11.99.

Planning to serve bubbly for New Year’s Eve? You’ll be paying about the same as last year for your libation.

Prices for most Champagnes, cavas and proseccos have remained flat, says Mike Bittel, co-owner and wine buyer of Sunset Corners Wines & Liquors in South Miami-Dade. Those that have bubbled up have been offset for Americans by the strong dollar.

Top-selling brands are often an exception. The price of Veuve Clicquot has risen 5 percent to 6 percent in the past year, says Bittel; expect to pay $42-$45 for a bottle.

For those satisfied with sparkling wines from other parts of the world, Italy’s proseccos are now eclipsing Spain’s cavas, he says. Valdo (under $10) and Zardetto (under $20) are popular price-sensitive brands. Watching your waistband? Syltbar, which sells around $20 per bottle, promises only 49 calories per glass, versus the usual 80. (It’s made by a German, Claus Blohm, who has a Miami home.)

If you’re hanging with celebs, Dom Perignon will set you back about $143 at Total Wine, according to its website. Or you could spring for Jay Z’s new Ace of Spades Blanc de Noir champagne, which is fetching upwards of $760 per bottle — if you can find it.

Whatever bubbly you choose, Bittel recommends serving it with stone crab claws and fried chicken. The price of claws varies widely depending on when and where you buy. On Monday, Milam’s Coconut Grove market reported medium claws for $16.99 per pound; Joe’s Stone Crab Take Away on Miami Beach had jumbos for $89.95 per pound (four to a pound) and Whole Foods in downtown Miami clocked in at $47.99 per pound for colossals, two per pound.

Better yet, go for the fried chicken. Joe’s Take Away has a half bird for $6.95. Serving a gang? The Coral Ridge Publix is offering platters of chicken tenders for about $30.