Art Deco-inspired Walgreens opens in Miami Beach

Walgreens on Collins Avenue and 14th Street, Miami Beach
Walgreens on Collins Avenue and 14th Street, Miami Beach Golden Dusk Photography

A new, Art Deco designed Walgreens has opened at 1400 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach, the last of a trilogy of historically-inspired Walgreens stores in Miami Beach, developed by Gadinsky Real Estate and Echion USA. The other locations are at 2000 Normandy Dr. and 1011 Alton Rd.

The stores were designed by the architectural team of Frank Demandt and Robert Brown. When the project began in 2012, Demandt and Brown found that the neighborhoods in which the three stores were planned were developed in different decades, each with unique architectural traits. So the duo developed a “Progressive Moderne“ style, for the buildings, in response, Gadinsky and Echion said.

The latest Walgreens on 14th and Collins Avenue pays homage to the work of architects Murray Dixon and Henry Hohauser, who designed nearby landmark buildings, including Dixon’s Beach Plaza Hotel and Hohauser's Commodore Hotel. Both buildings were built in 1936, during the height of Art Deco design. The building also incorporates popular Art Deco elements such as portholes and geometric shapes, the developers said.