Happy shift workers? Apparently, yes, says new survey. Here’s where they are happiest

When country superstars Kenny Chesney and George Strait teamed to sing “Shiftwork,” they purposely drew out the first syllable to sound like another less than flattering word.

Clearly, the pair’s implication, set to a loping, rather monotonous tempo, was that shift work was no easy ride: “Talking about a bunch of shift work/A big ol’ pile of shift work.”

So it surprises us to learn, via a new study by cloud-based timesheet/timeclock scheduling tools company Homebase, that there are so many happy shift workers around the country — and that the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area ranks all the way up at No. 2, just behind El Paso, Texas.

Orlando-Kissimmee and Tampa-St. Petersberg-Clearwater also ranked among the 10 happiest cities in the nation among shift workers.

“Hourly restaurant and retail workers in Miami rated their shifts 4.5- or 5-stars 93% of the time — the second highest shift ratings in the country, behind El Paso at 94%,” said Ravi Dehar, a spokesman for the San Francisco-based Homebase. Though, according to the figures, Miami-Fort Lauderdale retail workers, on average, reported a 90% satisfaction level, a few points below the other industries.

El Paso’s lowest level of satisfaction was among shift workers in the entertainment field, where 61% ranked themselves happy.

Health and fitness shift workers in the Orlando and Tampa areas were less satisfied — at 86% compared to grades in the 90th percentiles in the other fields. Miami-Fort Lauderdale health and fitness workers scored at 94% satisfied. Keeping those SoBe bodies buff apparently appeals to people in that industry.

The data tracked six million shift feedback scores on a five-star scale tabulated at clock-out by Homebase among shift workers in fields inlcuding food and drink, health and fitness, entertainment and retail.

“We filtered the data to only include metro areas where we had over 20,000 shift ratings, meaning 20,000 clock outs where employees rated their shifts,” Dehar said in an email to the Miami Herald.

“For Miami specifically, we looked at 223,710 shift ratings. While El Paso was No. 1 based on that 20,000 criteria, among large metro areas Miami was actually number one,” Dehar said.

The 10 cities with the happiest shift workers

1. El Paso, Texas.

2. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, Florida.

3. San Diego, California.

4. Riverside, California.

5. Fresno, California.

6. Orlando-Kissimmee, Florida.

7. Honolulu, Hawaii

8. Tampa-St. Petersberg-Clearwater, Florida.

9. Memphis, Tennessee.

10. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Miami was deemed “vibrant” and “one of the largest international business hubs in the world” and a “major leader in finance, commerce, culture and entertainment” by Homebase.

Yep, we could have said as much.

Miami Herald Real Time/Breaking News reporter Howard Cohen, a 2017 Media Excellence Awards winner, has covered pop music, theater, health and fitness, obituaries, municipal government and general assignment. He started his career in the Features department at the Miami Herald in 1991.
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