Pizza chain pays $29,000 after it’s busted on OT pay and child labor violations

Flippers Pizzeria, a Central Florida staple pizza chain since the 1980s, paid a total of $29,235 in back pay and fines after Department of Labor investigators found overtime pay and child labor violations at 11 locations.

The child labor violation didn’t exactly reach a kids-in-a-coal-mine level — a 17-year-old was allowed to drive to make deliveries. That cost Flippers $1,810.

“Businesses employing minors have a special responsibility to ensure the safety of these workers by not having them perform any duties deemed hazardous,” said Daniel White, wage and hour district director.

Pay violations accounted for the remaining $27,425, which went to 70 employees ($391.79 per worker).

Flippers paid assistant managers who were eligible for overtime flat salaries, no matter the hours worked.

Flippers figured overtime for tipped employees using only their servers cash rates instead of off a base of at least a federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

The locations involved were 11321 Satellite Blvd.; Lake Buena Vista/Disney, 12535 SR 535; Kirkman/Universal, 4774 S. Kirkman Rd.; UCF, 4498 N. Alafaya Tr.; SeaWorld/S.I. Drive, 11062 S. International Dr.; 5770 W. Hwy. 192; 7339 W. Sand Lake Rd.; 3216 Rolling Oaks Blvd.; 80 W. Grant St.; 2523 Hwy. 27; Westside Shoppes, 6256 Old Brick Road.

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