A new Apple store opened in South Florida Saturday. It’s unlike any ever built

Apple’s new, one-of-a kind, Miami-flavored store at Aventura Mall opened Saturday.

It’s unlike any ever built.

The store was designed by the company’s chief retail designer, Chris Braithwaite, who incorporated an airy, mid-century modern design. It’s replacing a traditional Apple store.

Other features include:

  • A floating, white-vaulted roof that creates a 35-foot tall pavilion. The vault is made of concrete, stone, and glass. This is the first Apple Store to feature white precast concrete.
  • Steps leading to the second floor that create an amphitheater called the Forum, with a video wall and leather seating. This is where Today at Apple sessions take place.
  • A Genius Grove will feature a canopy of 22-foot tall local tropical trees that continue out into an outdoor public garden area, with teak tables and chairs that mirror the internal layout.

Doors to the new store opened Saturday morning. Latin megahit producer Tainy appeared at 7 p.m. to teach a brief course about music production using Apple software.