They made deliveries, but their company didn’t deliver $64,000 of their earned pay

A Fort Lauderdale delivery company with managers based in the New York borough of Queens committed overtime pay violations against 160 employees, a Department of Labor investigation has found.

ASAP Courier & Logistics has paid $64,027 in back pay, about $400.17 per employee.

Wage and Hour Division investigators “found the delivery service company paid drivers flat daily rates without regard to how many hours they actually worked,” the Department of Labor said. “When the employer did pay overtime to some employees, they failed to include non-discretionary bonuses in the calculation, resulting in payment of overtime at rates lower than those required by law.”

ASAP also was cited for its “failure to maintain complete records of the number of hours employees worked,” a common Fair Labor Standards Act companion violation to overtime pay violations, if somewhat incongruous for a business with so many hourly employees.

The state of Florida’s says the company was registered to do business in Florida by Eric Mautner, one of the two listed managers along with Barry Wolf, both based in the Woodside area of Queens.

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