The inspector recognized the same rodent poop in the same store 15 days after visit

What could be worse for a state inspector to see than clumps of rodent fur and skin stuck to shelves with food you’re selling? How about seeing the exact same rodent dung in the exact same place as when she was there 15 days before?

Welcome to Family Dollar in Greenacres, a city in Palm Beach County.

The Miami Herald’s “Gross Grocers” report on April 17 detailed the rampant rodent problems at this Family Dollar during an April 10 state inspection, such as “clumps of fur, with skin attached, stuck to retail shelves” and “Boxes of diapers have been chewed through and diapers themselves pulled apart.”

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The disgusting inspection apparently didn’t launch a corporate cleanup.

From April 25’s re-inspection:

“Rodent droppings on all retail shelves and displays. On top of packaged food. In between food products and non-food products.

“Droppings are all over the floor in every aisle. Bags of dog food are chewed through and dog food is spilling out of the bags onto the shelves. Cardboard boxed cat litter has chew marks. Bag of pet wipes are chewed through and the wipes have been pulled out of the hole. Food crumbs observed scattered through pet area.

“Large groupings of dropping were observed under gondolas. Moisture absorbing pads have been placed on the floor under laundry soap gondola and droppings and urine stains were observed behind the pads.

“Chewed up sunflower seeds and peanuts shells on chip aisle shelves. Frosting in tubs have chewed off labels with droppings next to them. Cardboard containers of broth chewed through. Canned tuna labels chewed off with droppings next to them. Droppings from previous inspection on top of microwave mac and cheese still observed.”

Rodent poop from 15 days before was still in the same place.

Back to Inspector Katie Hansen’s report.

“Bags of chocolate chips chewed through and chewed marks are visible on pieces of chocolate. Bags of marshmallows chewed through and the outside of the bags are all stuck together.

“Packages of paper towels are chewed through and paper towels pieces are strewn through the aisles. Droppings observed in between paper plates and on top of paper plates. A lower shelf in the paper products aisle has been removed to reveal chew marks where rodents are chewing through the bottom of the wall.

“Observed chew marks on candy in candy aisle — teeth marks on multiple chocolates with droppings next to it.”

When we forwarded this inspection to parent company Dollar Tree, a company spokesman emailed back:

“The safety of our associates and customers is our first priority. We voluntarily closed our store and we are working with the health inspector, maintenance, and pest control services to completely address the issue.”

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