Want to visit King’s Landing? Magic Leap offers in-store ‘Game of Thrones’ experience

Magic Leap

Winter is over — but Magic Leap is coming.

On Wednesday the Plantation-based tech company said it would begin offering a “Game of Thrones” immersive experience at AT&T stores in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco in advance of the show’s final season.

Magic Leap also announced Wednesday it would begin selling its Magic Leap One headset at those stores — the first time it’s been offered through traditional retail.

The announcements are tied to AT&T’s planned expansion of a 5G network, whose greater bandwidth is needed to enable data-intensive products like Magic Leap.

“AT&T’s investment in 5G will enable the widespread adoption of emerging and innovative technologies like Magic Leap’s spatial computing and will help to redefine how we access and experience everything from work, play, communication, media, healthcare and education,” said Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap, in a statement.

The Game of Thrones experience will be called “The Dead Must Die.” Magic Leap says it will “...challenge the bravest of fans to confront a White Walker and lead the fight for the living.” It will debut April 1 at Boston’s Boylston AT&T store, April 3 at Chicago’s Michigan Avenue store, and April 3 at San Francisco’s 1 Powell store.

AT&T store visitors will be fitted with a Magic Leap headset, then “step into a physical representation of King’s Landing, which instantly transforms into an ominous, icy scene that begs investigation,” Magic Leap said in a statement.

“With torch in hand, visitors become soldiers in a standoff, as a frozen portal reveals the deadly world beyond the wall. It’s scary to see a White Walker, but it’s much scarier when it sees you,” the statement continued.

Separately on April 1, AT&T flagship stores in Boston, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco will begin featuring limited-reveal “Game of Thrones” video content, custom digital “Game of Thrones” games, “Game of Thrones” VR and AR experiences, and an exclusive look at series memorabilia and authentic costumes from different “Game of Thrones” houses and their allies – Chicago (House Stark), New York City (House Lannister), San Francisco (House Targaryen) and Boston (Targaryen vs. Lannister).

Meanwhile, the Magic Leap One AR development system will go on sale April 5 for $2,295 via monthly financing. The product, officially released in August but initially only available through online sales, is geared toward professional developers.