Clearpath offers its immigration filing software free in June

According to the White House Task Force on New Americans, more than 8.8 million people are eligible for citizenship and have not applied. For many of these immigrants, the immigration process can be complicated, costly and confusing.

For this reason, Clearpath, a Miami-based startup that simplifies and streamlines the immigration filing process through technology, is partnering with the nonprofit to offer its software for naturalization forms free in June, in support of the annual Immigrant Heritage Month.

“As the son of immigrants that came to this country in search of their American dreams, I believe it is important to celebrate our nation’s rich immigrant heritage and support their efforts to reach higher by becoming U.S. citizens.” said Felice Gorordo, CEO of Clearpath, a venture-backed software company. He said the software regularly costs $199, significantly less than hiring a lawyer for the services.

Clearpath’s patented software, developed by former U.S. immigration agency leaders, can be used to complete most immigration applications, including citizenship, deferred action for childhood arrivals, H1-B visa, work authorization, green card, etc. Using plain language, Clearpath walks a user through each form, checking data in real time for potential errors and compliance.

To apply for U.S. citizenship using Clearpath’s patented software, visit and complete your naturalization application.

For more about the nationwide Immigrant Heritage Month campaign, visit for information on how to share your story.