Workplace hazards that include amputation will cost printing company $42,600

Nupress got cited for 12 Serious workplace safety violations by OSHA in December
Nupress got cited for 12 Serious workplace safety violations by OSHA in December

Doral-based commercial printer Nupress of Miami will pay $42,663 in Department of Labor fines after federal inspectors found 12 serious violations during two inspections in August.

Abatements and informal settlements saved Nupress $28,476, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In December, the Department of Labor announced the 24-year-old company run by president Enrique De La Vega faced up to $71,139 in fines.

The Citation and Notification of Penalty reveals Nupress has a variety of violations.

Their most expensive hazard, costing $5,432, was for exposing employees to a “caught-by” hazard for not having an “energy control program” to protect workers as they did work on press equipment, such as replacing parts or changing rollers or hoses.

Companies are not supposed to store more than 120 gallons of Category 2, 3 or 4 flammable liquids in containers that aren’t in a storage room or storage cabinet. Nupress had 1,375 gallons of Category 2 liquids outside the cabinet.

It also was fined for creating a “struck by” hazard by allowing someone to drive an industrial truck “without training or evaluation.”

The amputation hazards referred to in the Department of Labor’s December announcement numbered four and were described as “a guard covering a belt and pulley assembly on a guillotine cutter ... was made out of cardboard and secured with Velcro.”

The citation doesn’t say if a proper guard would have cost more than the $6,467 of the proposed fine or the $3,880 of the actual fine after abatement.

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