These roofers keep getting put in risky places, feds say. So their bosses must pay

Panama City Framing is looking at its third OSHA fine in just over three years for not providing fall protection for its roof workers.
Panama City Framing is looking at its third OSHA fine in just over three years for not providing fall protection for its roof workers. Miami Herald File

A Jacksonville roofing company faces $105,283 in OSHA fines because it keeps getting caught putting employees in danger of falling or losing parts of their face on the job.

Only three violations comprise the Citation and Notification of Penalty issued on Aug. 14 to Coastal Roofing, but two of those violations are Repeat no-nos for the fourth time each. Those failures to correct make up $99,592 of the proposed fine.

When OSHA inspectors went to a Coastal job at 6702 Azalea Park Rd. in the Jacksonville suburbs in March, they found the same thing their predecessors did at Coastal job sites in October 2017, December 2013 and November 2013: Workers don’t have enough beyond balance to keep them from falling off the roof. No guardrail, safety net or personal fall arrest.

The citation says, “The employer fails to assure effective protection against falls as required by the standard, as demonstrated on March 30, 2018, when employees were installing shingles on the 5:12 pitch roof of a two-story residence at 6702 Azalea Park Road … without the use of complete fall protection systems and were exposed to fall hazards of 9 feet.”

That fall gains in likelihood if someone gets something in their eyes or face. Three workers were installing asphalt roofing shingles without any eye protection.

“Employees performing roofing work on the 5:12 pitch roof using pneumatic nailers are not being protected from being struck by nails and flying debris,” the citation read.

Those same violations occurred at the aforementioned Coastal jobs, all of which were in Jacksonville. Being of a Repeat nature stiffens the fines compared to their previous occurrences.

According to OSHA’s website, it appears Coastal will have to pay only $12,935 of the $51,738 fine from the October 2017 job site. The $16,000 fine from the November 2013 job site was settled to half that, $8,000, just as the $12,000 proposed fine from the December 2013 job was settled to $6,000.

“The use of fall protection is not an option — it is a legal requirement that saves lives,” OSHA Jacksonville Acting Area Office Director Michelle Gonzalez said in a statement announcing the proposed fines. “This company’s continued failure to comply with fall protection standards puts the lives of its employees at risk for serious or fatal injury.”

Attempts to reach Coastal Roofing or legal contractor Brandon Enterkin met only disconnected phone numbers, including the number on its website. Coastal lists Enterkin’s contractor license number on its website and he’s their one listed agent with the state of Florida.