Electrical shocks, explosions and burns caused 235,000 hair dryers to be recalled

Xtava’s Allure XTV010002N

Xtava’s recalled 235,000 of its Allure and Allure Pro 2200W hair dryers because they can get too hot — or combustible — to handle.

The exact problem, as described in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice: “The hair dryer and power cord can overheat and catch on fire, posing fire, burn and electrical shock hazards.”

And this isn’t an idle concern, because Xtava, the notice says “has received 193 reports of the hair dryers or power cords overheating, melting, exploding or catching fire, including 18 reports of burns and two reports of a minor electrical shock.”

One of the burns was severe. Four caused blisters to hands, wrists or fingers.

The recalled hair dryers were sold online through various websites, including, eBay, and from October 2014 until this month. A label on the recalled hair dryer will have SKU No. XTV010001, XTV010001N, XTV010002, or XTV010002N.

Xtava wants customers to stop using the hair dryers and contact them for replacements by calling 877-643-8440, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by going to the website.

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