A lawyer collected $328,000 in settlements for clients. Where did all the money go?

Clients didn’t complain to the Florida Bar about Davie lawyer Bradley S. Douglas’ competency. Douglas managed to pull in a total of $328,650 in worker compensation settlements for seven clients.

But the 2001 St. Thomas School of Law graduate chose to keep the compensation from his injured clients, according to the Florida Bar. So, now, he’s the one who can’t work, after he requested disciplinary revocation.

He can ask to be readmitted to the Florida Bar after five years. Disciplinary revocation covers the punitive part of the nine discipline cases against Douglas — the other cases involve ignoring clients — but he still has to reimburse the Bar’s Client Security Fund for the money paid to cover his misdeeds.

To start, that would be $175,000 to Jason Jones, $110,000 to Liliana Henao, $15,000 to Margaret LeBlanc, $10,000 to Vanquist Smith, $6,400 to Benito Antonio Perez, $6,250 to Mildred Ruiz, and $6,000 to David Morales.

According to Douglas’ petition for disciplinary revocation, he didn’t turn over even a penny of those settlements to the people whose workplace injuries earned the money.

Court records show no criminal action against Douglas. Federal court records say he and his wife declared bankruptcy in 2005.