Car dealer discriminated in who they hired to sell Ferraris and Porsches, agency says

A Ferrari F430 Scuderia Coupe shares a showroom with Maseratis at one of The Collection's showrooms.
A Ferrari F430 Scuderia Coupe shares a showroom with Maseratis at one of The Collection's showrooms. Miami Herald

Allegations of discrimination against women ended with Coral Gables and Miami luxury car dealer The Collection entering a conciliation agreement with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week.

"Following an investigation, the EEOC found that the company had discriminated in its hiring practices on the basis of gender by failing to hire enough females into the position of sales representative," the EEOC stated in a news release.

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A woman who got rejected after applying for a sales rep position took her complaint of gender discrimination to the EEOC. Though The Collection officially admits no liability, the dealer of Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, McLarens and other luxury cars will:

Pay a settlement to the woman. The EEOC says the amount will remain confidential.

Hire trainers for anti-discrimination training for all employees.

Create a Director of Diversity and Inclusion position who will be a liaison with the EEOC.

Install recruiting methods to find female candidates for open jobs.

"This agreement is a step toward addressing concerns regarding access to job opportunities for women in an industry where those opportunities have historically been limited," EEOC Miami District Office Director Michael Farrell said in the release. "This agreement shows that we strive to work with employers willing to establish policies and practices that ensure equal opportunity, and I applaud The Collection for its efforts."

The Collection emailed a statement to the Miami Herald: "As the EEOC concluded, the alleged underrepresentation at The Collection is attributable to the fact that employment opportunities within the entire automotive industry have historically been limited. We are very pleased to have had this opportunity to work directly with the EEOC to further promote equal employment of qualified persons for our company and to be at the forefront of the movement to change the face of the industry."