Here’s where your cash or credit gets the most stuff on Black Friday

Stores advertise Black Friday sales to draw the attention of shoppers at Dolphin Mall in 2016.
Stores advertise Black Friday sales to draw the attention of shoppers at Dolphin Mall in 2016.

Come Black Friday, that national shopping holiday that gets people on the move after Thanksgiving fullness, throw your elbows and your wallet at Kohl’s and JCPenney.

That shopping advice is from the folks at WalletHub, who broke down data to rank the best Black Friday stores and bargains. The rankings include online shopping, for those of us who don’t want to deal with brick-and-mortar parking lots tighter than a middle school parent’s high school jeans.

So, if you can’t resist bait-and-switch advertising and chasing bargains that’ll be there the following week, take note that:

▪ Kohl’s and JCPenney tie at the top of the stores giving the best average discount, 66.3 percent. Most of Kohl’s ranking comes from being among the discount leaders in big ticket items such as jewelry (77.39 percent, No. 1) and furniture (52.56 percent, No. 3), as well as the high volume toys category (46.66 percent, No. 4). Kohl’s also leads in discounts among uncategorized items (68.35 percent).

JCPenney, meanwhile, is No. 2 in uncategorized items (65.9 percent), No. 1 in consumer packaged goods (61.16 percent), in clothes (60.55 percent) and computers and phones (43.07 percent), and No. 4 in jewelry (73.1 percent).

The rest of the top five in overall stores are Belk (62.8 percent), Stage (60.8 percent) and Shopko (55.9 percent).

▪ ranks among the top five only in books, movies and music. And that’s a distant fifth (32.91 percent) behind No. 4 Best Buy (57.78 percent), No. 3 Kmart (61.93 percent), No. 2 Target (64.48 percent) and No. 1 Walmart (69.86 percent).

▪ The best bargains come in jewelry (59 percent) and books, movies and music (57 percent).

▪ Clothes account for 28.03 percent of the discounts, more than any other category.

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