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Miami’s newest cat café is hosting a pop-up in Wynwood with kitten yoga

Feline lovers, this one’s for you.

The Cat’s Meow Café, a cat friendly café that is set to open in the coming months in the MiMo district, is having a one-night-only pop-up event at in Wynwood.

The cats (and kittens) are from Miami-Dade Animal Services and will be available for adoption.

The event is full of fun, kitty cat inspired things. Read: super cute and Instagrammable.

The Cat’s Meow Café owner Elizabeth Gallardo will lead a talk about how you can advocate for your community cats.

A highlight of the evening has to be the kitten yoga session, which we are assuming will include no downward-dog positions, obvio.

There is already one cat cafe open in South Beach at 1423 Washington Avenue. But the new MiMo location will be the first cat cafe on the mainland. The event will give cat and coffee lovers a taste of what the new spot will offer.

If the idea of a Cat Cafe is new to you, the way it works is this: One side of the business is a cafe, selling coffee and baked goods. The other side is a hang out for cute kitties, all ready to be adopted by loving folks. Between the two spaces are double-glass doors and a high-efficiency air filtration system to make sure kitties and dander don’t mix with the baked treats. Before passing between areas, guests must disinfect their hands and wear plastic booties over their shoes.

The goal is to find homes for the cats, obviously. But in the meantime, they get to live a life of luxury, getting free attention from coffee drinkers and loafing around in a kitty playland.

Details: 5-8 p.m. Oct. 21 at at 565 NW 27th St., Miami. 310-962-1482. Tickets $15