Things To Do

Hang in Miami’s newest art ‘hood at this event in Allapattah. There will be food.

Almost as hard as keeping up with today’s typical news cycle is keeping up with the evolution of Miami’s latest ‘it’ neighborhood. Just when we finally figured out the pesky parking apps in Wynwood, go figure there’s another hip ‘hood, a new nabe for us to explore and yet it’s not new at all.

Ready for this one?

Brace yourselves and buckle up, because Waze is taking us to Allapattah now. Well, at least it taking us this Saturday to The Motivational Edge so we can “travel the world while enjoying the rich culture of Miami’s neighborhoods” at what’s being billed as The Art Cafe.

“Event visitors will experience the artistic magic of local South Florida artists! They will enjoy the local ethnic dishes while exploring neighborhoods. They can even learn cultural crafts from the elders, and get a glimpse of the new visions of our youth,” says arts activist and event brainchild Marvin Weeks.

Sounds just like Epcot for hipsters, no? Food will be available for a nominal fee and, says Weeks, they are developing a Miami Art Salon “where patrons can engage in the flowing fabric of creative people. All this beauty and deliciousness that we like to call, ‘Made in Miami.’”

This is not your daddy’s Design District Art Walk circa 1999. In fact, we’re not sure exactly what it is, but check it out, because it’s free to the public.

Hurry, though because by the time you figure this one out, Palmetto Bay will pull an Allapattah and run away with the ‘it’ nabe crown.

If you go:

What: The Art Cafe

When: 7-10 p.m. Oct. 5

Where: The Motivational Edge, 1550 NW 36th St.