Things To Do

Summer is almost over. Here are all the things you need to do in Miami before it ends

This is what you see at Amara Cay resort in Key Largo.
This is what you see at Amara Cay resort in Key Largo.

In Miami, summer is not always a time to celebrate. Sure, the traffic situation isn’t quite as grim, but we won’t miss the afternoon thunder storms or the crippling heat when Florida fall rolls around (sometime in November, if we’re lucky).

Still, there are things that should be done before summer is over. And by summer, we mean September, too. The kids may be back in school by then, but we’ll still be suffering through heat, humidity and hurricane watches.

So do yourself a favor and do something fun before it’s too late:

Take a selfie under the Gables umbrellas

Ready to experience the #UmbrellaSky on Giralda Plaza? Here are a few facts to make your visit easy and FUN! . . . . 1. Umbrella Sky is located on Giralda Plaza at 100 Giralda Avenue 2. The installation will be up through mid-September 3. Parking is available in Garage 6 – 51 Aragon Avenue, and Garage 2 – 220 Aragon Avenue, with additional parking at City lots and meters. You can also pick up a complimentary #freebee 4. Bring your family & friends, and don’t forget your camera, It’s #selfie time! by: @fujifilmgirl

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If you’re alive on this planet you’ve seen the Instagram-famous Umbrella Sky Project installation on Giralda Plaza by Sextafeira. It’s only up through September, so get your selfies while you can.

Eat everything in sight for Miami Spice


There’s no time for dieting now – these deals at some of Miami’s best restaurants only last through September. Start now if you want to try them all. And you know you want to try this hamachi bowl at Three, Norman Van Aken’s new spot.

Here are the participating restaurants this year. Want to try something new? These seven restaurants are making their Miami Spice debut this year.

Enjoy the last of the mangoes


If you’re a fan of mangoes, you need to celebrate before the season is over for another year. Some of us will pass, thanks. The rest of you, eat all you can while you can.

Relax into Miami Spa Month


Through August area spas – like Miami Beach Edition, where you will encounter billowy curtains and candles – offering deep discounts on facials, massages and more. Get calm and relaxed while you can afford it.

Try a Unicorn Taiyaki


Summer is the best time for ice cream, so why not head to 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood to try one of these adorable cones? Even though they’re almost too cute to eat.

Spend the weekend at a hotel pool

The Mondrian's pool on South Beach.

You don’t need to book a room. Just buy a day pass – or crash. Here’s how.

Take a dip in the Venetian Pool

Beat the Summer heat by visiting the #CityofCoralGables historic Venetian Pool! #FunFact Did you know that the 820,000 gallon pool is fed with spring water from an underground aquifer, and in the spring and summer seasons is filled and drained daily? Pretty cool! Photo by: @j_todd

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You know your own pool never looks this clean.

Visit the Keys while you can still afford it

This is what you see at Amara Cay resort in Key Largo.

You know once we get to fall the hotel prices are going to go up, up, up. Here are some of our favorite places to stay. 

And don’t forget to stop for a souvenir at Shell World in Key Largo on the way back.

Take in a summer blockbuster at Miami’s new luxury movie theater



new Silverspot Cinema

is open in downtown Miami, and it’s got a mojito bar. Sounds like a plan.

Don’t want to drive to downtown Miami? Check out one of the other luxury movie theaters around town.

Don’t try summer’s hottest trend: People riding on the outside of vehicles


Seriously, this keeps happening. But it’s too hot to be touching all that metal. Ride inside.