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Sun salutations meet bikini bod in this new Pilates class

Sun salutations might not meet most people’s criteria for grueling exercise, but a class at the Pilates ProWorks Miami studio on Coral Gables’ Fitness Row could begin to change some minds.

The Pilates studio is offering a new class that transitions between intense yoga and toning exercises. The Tone & Flow class was just launched June 1, rounding out the three classes at Pilates ProWorks.

And yes, it includes sun salutations, but that didn’t stop Stephanie Cortina who took a preview class on May 27 from breaking a sweat.

“It’s intense. I am sweating. It kicked my ass,” she said, shortly after completing the class.

The Tone & Flow class is a full-body workout that targets muscle groups before switching back to ever-intensifying yoga poses. One minute instructor Dani Ohayon led the class through a muffin top-blasting routine, the next they were doing downward dog.

It’s a form of Pilates without the machine. Cortina said there was a focus on abdominal muscles, plus everything else. 

“It was perfect because it worked everything head to toe and my abs, which I love,” she said. “She incorporated a lot of different movements that I hadn’t felt in my body.”

Our final Tone & Flow Free Community Class today with @danohayon was a success! We appreciate all who participated this month and look forward to sharing Tone & Flow with the rest of the @ppwmiami community! Don't forget to check online in June as the schedule is changing. First class is this Thursday 6/1 at 6:30pm with @monican1022 ✌ • • • • • • • • • • #ppwmiami #pilatesproworks #toneflow #hardcore #getyourasstoclass #matpilates #yoga #calisthenics #weights #fitfam #shopcoralgables #thecitybeautiful

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The class is challenging, even for the instructor.

“With this class you don’t realize how much you have to use your body and how much the machine helps you out [in the other class]. In this class it’s just you and your body,” Ohayon said.

Pilates ProWorks owner Summer Christensen said Tone & Flow is a great addition to the studio’s other classes: a Pilates pro class and a hybrid boxing, mat Pilates and yoga class.

“I was a yoga instructor for Pilates so this is right up my alley,” she said. “It just keeps the body guessing.”


Where: 25 Merrick Way, Coral Gables

Cost: A summer deal offers 24 classes June through August for $450

More:; 305-631-2534