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Five Things to do After Stuffing Yourself on Thanksgiving

We’ve all been there – post-Turkey dinner, the family and friends are still around, everyone is tired from tryptophan (except for the kids who have nothing but energy), and things start to go downhill. So, what to do once your belly is full, but so is your house? Read below for ideas.


1. Play a Game!

When football is on but you rather be in on the play yourself, get the family together for a fun board game. Better yet, support a local business and play the hit, Loaded Questions from Miami born-and-raised inventor Eric Poses. The game asked a series of questions that the group must answer, and whoever can correctly guess who said what moves ahead! It’s the perfect solution for when your body is in a food coma but your brain is not.


2. Gratitude Exercises

Thanksgiving is all about well, giving thanks, and doing so in a structured way can be a fun bonding experience (that happens to be good for the soul). Bring everyone together for a ten-minute meditation or chant (check out Google for instructions or Spotify for beginner chants). Even if no one knows what they’re doing, you’ll likely elicit some giggles, which are usually necessary in large family gatherings. Another idea is to write a “gratitude” letter, describing why you’re thankful to have someone in your life, and give it to him or her at a later time.


3. Move your body

We aren’t suggesting a spin class here, but studies show that walking around when you’re full eases digestion. Even simply standing up or going for a slow stroll after eating can greatly prevent acid reflux (green been casserole much?), balance blood sugar levels and eventually cut down on belly fat!  Plus, a family walk is a great way stay together without being too on top of each other.


4. Food prep for next year.

If you are one of the many who carefully scrutinizes each dish as it’s served, take note. Literally. You’ll want to remember next year what worked and what didn’t (and how much turkey you bought – why can we NEVER remember that?).  And since you’re done eating, talking about food is the next best thing. Create a Pinterest board with the recipes that everyone loved, and research new ones that you felt were missing. Real food lovers never stop thinking about food.


5. Hit The Spa!

Who says you have to stay home all day and all night on Thanksgiving? Take advantage of awesome holiday specials and get your spa on – especially if you’ve been standing up and cooking all day. Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau is offering many savings (including $20 off any 50 minute treatment), as well as a special “Make me Skinny” therapy – 100 minutes with a vacuum wand and seaweed, and you’ll be ready to eat all of those leftovers tomorrow! The Diplomat Beach Resort also has a Thanksgiving special as part of their FALALALA…SPAHAH-LIDAY. Patrons receive complimentary enhancements with traditional treatments, such as a Swedish massage with an add-on peppermint scalp massage.