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Six Things you didn’t know about Miami Children’s Museum

Sure, you’ve taken your kid to Miami Children’s Museum or maybe your nephew and niece because that’s just how you roll. But we bet there are six things you didn’t know about that Watson Island landmark:

1. Major traffic

MCM welcomes more than 430,000 visitors every year, and about 26 percent of them are tourists. That’s probably because VIATOR Travel Blog named MCM one of the Top 10 Children’s Museum in the World. And you thought it was just beaches and nightlife that get us international attention, huh.

2. Freebies

On the third Friday of each month, MCM opens its doors to the public for free from 3 to 9 p.m. 

3. Special needs

One Saturday each month, from 9 to 11 a.m., MCM closes to the public for Sensory Saturday. The special programming is designed for kids with special needs and includes modified lighting, sound adjustment and “cool down” rooms.

4. School is in session

MCM is home to the Early Childhood Institute, a licensed childcare/preschool center for about 100 kids, and a charter school for 300 students in grades K-5th grades. Can you imagine recess in a museum?

5. Major facelift

MCM is in the middle of a multi-year $20 million renovation that’s updating most of the exhibits.

6. Cool tech

In the Sketch Aquarium exhibit a child can scan her crayoned fish drawing so it becomes an animated and digitized part of the undersea environment of an interactive virtual aquarium. MCM is the first children’s museum in the U.S. to feature this technology.