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Band of the hour: The Postmarks

Sing to us, Postmarks.
Sing to us, Postmarks.

“Where in Europe are you guys from? Denmark, Sweden?” an adoring fan asked The Postmarks after a recent gig. This homegrown South Florida band often has a hard time convincing listeners that they are indeed from the Sunshine State. With a dreamy French pop sensibility, this indie group’s breakaway hit “Goodbye” encompasses what The Postmarks are about — saying goodbye to the past and embracing a fruitful future.

“We’re about taking a difficult experience and making it sweet — a bitter melancholy that makes you feel good,” explained ethereal chanteuse Tim Yehezkely. Born in Tel Aviv, Yehezkely fronts this three-piece outfit and was discovered by bandmates Christopher Moll and Jonathan Wilkins at a local open mic night.

Writing with the varied influences of Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, The Smiths, John Barry (of James Bond fame) and even the fanciful Amélie soundtrack (they’re film soundtrack buffs), this group has taken a cue from musical giants to create music in a way that’s rarely done anymore — with the hearts of listeners in mind. “We want to write songs that sit comfortably alongside those classics. Our own compositions that will stand the test of time,” said Moll.

With their album set to drop in the UK early this summer, The Postmarks are still coming to grasp with their ability to inspire audiences both near and far. “To me, one of the biggest pleasures is to get e-mails from people around the world who react to your music the way that you intended them to,” said Moll. “That’s pretty amazing stuff.”

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