Things To Do

4 movies to see, 1 to skip this weekend Nov. 4-6

Worth Seeing

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1. ‘Doctor Strange’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

“Watching ‘Doctor Strange’ is nothing short of having a hallucinogenic trip.” (Read More)

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2. ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (R) – 3 stars

“In ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ director Mel Gibson gets to have it both ways: He condemns the horrors of war while reveling in its gory details.” (Read More)

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3. ‘Certain Women’ (R) – 3 and a half stars

“‘Certain Women’ portrays women at work and women in desire with the quiet confidence, simplicity, and directness of a true artist.” (Read More)

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4. ‘Aquarius’ (unrated) – 3 stars

“Sonia Braga isn’t quite the whole show in ‘Aquarius,’ but she’s certainly a lot of it.” (Read More)

Skip It

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1.‘Trolls’ (PG) – 2 stars

“The film has no real magic.” (Read More)

Still playing

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1. ‘Moonlight’ (R) – 4 stars

“‘Moonlight’ is Miami’s first bonafide movie masterpiece.” (Read More)

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2. ‘The Handmaiden’ (unrated) – 3 and a half stars

“‘The Handmaiden’ is a wicked entertainment for adults that celebrates the sheer pleasures of storytelling.” (Read More)