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Discover Miami's Historic MiMo District on Biscayne Boulevard

Short for “Miami Modern,” the MiMo style of architecture thrived after World War II and became part of Miami’s architectural boom. A departure from the 1920s Mediterranean revival and the 1930s Art Deco, MiMo articulated a general sense of national optimism and captured the era’s love affair with futurism, the cult of the automobile and all things kitsch.

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These days, the area on and around the 27-block district, between 50th and 77th streets on Biscayne Boulevard is experiencing its own revival as forgotten architectural gems are being restored to their former glory, forging a new identity as the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District. The stretch is now a hub of trendy hotels, eateries and retail, all housed inside restored retro-style structures. You will find iconic restaurants as well as charming consignment stores, gyms, yoga studios and live-music venues. Head north up Biscayne and you run into Morningside, one of Miami’s oldest residential neighborhoods where some of the extraordinary homes open their doors to visitors for the Historic Morningside Home Tour, every March.

At the northern end of the MiMo District, you will find the iconic Vagabond Hotel. The landmark building is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.