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 Find your happy place at the Modern Life Mindfulness Festival

This Saturday you have a chance to get past the surf, sand and booze of the sunny 305, and find another side to Miami that embodies a more peaceful and conscious lifestyle. Called the Modern Life Mindfulness Festival,  the event welcomes everyone to enjoy a day of activities, workshops and guided teachings focused on spiritual healing and finding your inner zen.

The festival is co-produced by Modern Om and Sacred Space, two Miami companies built around the precepts of holistic health and balanced living. Modern Om sells apparel, jewelry and malas (meditation garlands used to promote positive energy) which encourage a sense of mindfulness in everyday life. The Sacred Space, a center for the mindful practice of yoga, meditation and forms of conscious prayer and dance, is located in the heart of Wynwood and is the venue for Saturday’s event.

The festival will be “confined not to just yoga or meditation, but encompassing an overall arch of being compassionate in a modern world, and how to do it,” says Ellen Marchman, publicist for Modern Om.

In addition to yoga and meditation classes, the festival will also feature events covering music, art, fitness, food and technology, taught via instructive classes and hands-on workshops and discussion. The line-up includes world-renowned mindfulness experts, speakers, yoga teachers, business leaders, artists and musicians who will share their insight and act as catalysts to build a community. Among them is global television host, healer and wellness expert Alyson Charles, who has published meditation and mindfulness guides featured in many notable publications, including Oprah Magazine.


Alyson Charles

Also featured is Mike Dannheim, mindfulness technology expert and founder of the Sensie App, a mobile app that allows users to stay in tune with their bodies by tracking and visualizing their daily moves.

Sacred Space has become a center for Miamians interested in holistic health and peaceful living. Co-founders Karla Dascal and Chira Cassel, both Miami natives, envision it as an environment where people can come together in the spirit of well-being, personal growth, and creative awakening. The 12,000-square-foot building sits on nearly an acre of property, which hosts a botanical garden with varieties of native and exotic plants, a guava grove, and a courtyard centered around a reflection pool. The airy, high-ceilinged building creates a calming atmosphere for the large scale and intimate programs offered every week, including yoga, meditation and forms of conscious prayer and dance.


The Sacred Space

Sacred Space also features Plant Food + Wine, a restaurant serving mostly raw, vegan cuisine, and the Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute, where people can learn the skills for a healthier and more conscious approach to food. Both the restaurant and the institute will be participating in the Mindfulness Event.

“[Sacred Space] is a safe place where people can listen and tune in to their bodies,” says Juan Rivera, general manager of Plant Food + Wine. “What we want to do is open the minds of our customers, to inspire them to be curious and ask questions [about veganism] — because then, when they listen, that’s where the transformation begins.”

Classes range from topics such as “Overcoming Obstacles” and “Stop Managing and Start Motivating” to “Sex and Intimacy” and “Consciousness and Cocktails.” Hands-on activities include High Vibe Hip Hop Yoga, Barre-less Barre and Crystal Sound Baths (participants are immersed in relaxing sounds). The event is open to anyone, both beginners and long-time followers, and the festival incorporates something for everyone.