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Places in Miami that you didn’t know were haunted

You’ve probably been to most of these places. But can you recall any creepy, hauntingly memorable sightings or whispers? If not, it’s not too late to experience Miami’s most haunted attractions. Here’s why these spots make the list.

1. Deering Estate


The gardens, special events, kayaking and bay cruises are why most people go to the historic estate. However, Deering Estate is also known for haunted sightings and paranormal activity of Native Americans, Miami’s early pioneers and the late Charles Deering. Need a spook? Then take a walk and record what you experience!


16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33157

2. City of Miami Cemetery

29rWdkhDZb4S4.gifObviously going to the place of rest for Miami’s historic figures including Julia Tuttle can be creepy. Miami’s premier historian Dr. Paul George hosts a ghost tour through the cemetery. Lurk through the tombstones as Dr. George and hear about the mysterious deaths of those buried there. Besides Tuttle there’s the Burdine family and Miami’s first mayor.


101 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130

3. Biltmore Hotel


No ghost tour is necessary here. The historic hotel in the heart of Coral Gables has long been known as a creepy place. A notorious gangster shooting in the 1920s that lead to the death of Thomas “Fatty” Walsh and the shuttering of the hotel in 1968 is when the rumors started. Kids sneaking into the abandoned hotel led to sightings of ghosts and even limbs. Next time you’re there for brunch, pay close attention to your surroundings between sips of mimosa.


1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134

4. Casa Casuarina


Formerly the Versace mansion, ever since the death of fashion designer Gianni Versace in front of his residence in 1997. Walking past the front doors on Ocean Drive gives an eerie sensation. Just knowing you’re strolling along where a murder happened can send shivers up and down your spine.

5. Coral Castle


This place has to make the list, if only for its creepy owner Edward Leedskalnin and his obsession with his lost love. Turns out Ed got jilted by his fiancée Agnes a day before the altar (almost as bad as being left at the altar). So he built the castle which includes coral rocking chairs that actually rock and a giant 9-ton door that moves with just the touch of a finger. What’s creepy about all of this? Well Ed was a tiny guy and apparently built the place solo. Check it out for yourself and sense the weirdness.


28655 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33033

6. Curtiss Mansion


Maybe it’s the ghost of aviation pioneer and land developer Glenn Curtiss, who owned the mansion and died mysteriously in 1930. It’s a Miami Springs landmark that’s utilized for events so don’t be surprised if you end up attending one there. Just be ready to feel goosebumps while standing in the living room and perhaps hear a few doors close on their own. That’s what past visitors have reported, even a ghost hunter who apparently overnighted at the mansion and felt a strange presence.


500 Deer Run, Miami Springs, FL 33166