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Where to go bowling in Miami

Unlike nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, bowling alleys aren’t a dime a dozen in Miami. In fact, some of us are still lamenting the closing of well-beloved spots like Don Carter’s and Lucky Strike, gone the way of the gutter. Fortunately there are still some alleys left standing where we can channel our inner Dude and play a perfect game.


Some of these are long-standing classics, the kinds of places your grandfather used to bowl at. Others are brand new favorites, the luxury lanes that provide everything from handcrafted cocktails to world-renowned DJs. Pick your poison and then get ready to bowl a strike at these local alleys. 

2. Bowlero

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The old Strike Miami may be gone, but that doesn’t mean bowling at Dolphin Mall is out of the question. Bowlmor’s newest concept, Bowlero, is set to open Oct. 15 and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a hit. This new bowling alley features 34 gorgeous new lanes of blacklight bowling that scream SoBe without needing to drive as far. Comfortable couches and tables to sit at between frames are available at the end of each lane, where you can sip on the house sangria and nosh on their “Go Crazy” menu items like the Behemoth Burger and S’mores Skillet. There’s also lazer tag available for when you’re all bowled out.

11401 12th Street, Sweetwater; 305-594-0200  or

11401 12th Street, Sweetwater

4. Basement Bowl at Edition


The Basement at Edition is one of Miami’s best nightclubs for a number of reasons. For one, it’s incredibly posh without being unbearably pretentious. It’s also the type of place where someone like Questlove will drop by for a kick-ass DJ set. But Basement is also home to a number of eccentricities: one being a skating rink and the other being the Basement Bowl, a totally Miami bowling alley where the booze flows freely, the neon lights shine bright, and no children are present. Though only four-lanes wide, it’s proving to be the hottest spot for midnight bowling in town.

2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 786-257-4548 or

2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach