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The interactive Artechouse is an artsy Instagram playground that will blow your mind

Interacting with the art is mandatory at Artechouse.
Interacting with the art is mandatory at Artechouse.

You could be forgiven for thinking Artechouse is a great place to create the best Instagram videos ever. There’s no denying that it is true.

But this digital pop-up art gallery, which opens just in time for Art Basel and Miami Art Week, is so much more. It’s smart and creative, a virtual playground where science, technology and the imagination meet. Seriously. You haven’t seen anything like it.

We got a sneak peek inside the gallery, located on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. And all we can say is: buy tickets now. Because this place is going to be a mob scene when it opens Dec. 8.

Inside the two-story exhibit, you’ll explore “XYZT Abstract Landscapes,” an exhibit by French digital artists Adrien M and Claire B.  There are 10 installations, and you can interact with all of them.

Like this big box you walk into, spin around and manipulate:

Note this guy has a friend on the outside filming him. You definitely want to bring a partner in crime to Artechouse. The science behind each installation is fascinating, and you really should take the time to stop at the kiosks to listen to how each installation came together. Like us, you’ll be thrilled by the design and the physics, but you are still going to want those selfies.

“XYZT” has been designed to recreate the patterns of nature. So check it out: You can walk across a virtual wheat field. Or, since we’re in Florida, you may want to pretend it’s Everglades sawgrass minus those razor-sharp edges that leaves welts all over your legs:

Or walk across this floor and watch the patterns shift:

This is the sort of installation where touching is not only permitted but required:

Make these clouds behave exactly as you want. Note: This is not something you will ever get to do in real life.

There’s more, but we don’t want to give it all away. See for yourself.

Upstairs at Artechouse.


Where: 736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

When: Opens Dec. 8

Hours: Daily from 10 a .m.-10 p.m.; new session starts every 45 minutes

Tickets: $17 for kids 2-14; $20 for students, seniors and military; $24 adults;