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Five tips to prepare you for Diner en Blanc Miami on Saturday, November 14, 2015

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For the past few weeks the social scene has been buzzing with excitement for Diner En Blanc’s Miami return on Saturday, November 14. Whether you know someone who knows someone or received a special invite to the posh picnic, this global phenomenon dubbed the “World’s Largest Dinner Party” is one for the books and with an expected increase of more than 1,000 guests from last year. Between the spontaneity and secrecy of the event’s details to the thousands of cultural enthusiasts exhibiting their all white fashion sense, Diner en Blanc will make Miami magic once again and take over one of the city’s iconic public spaces. Last year’s inaugural event hosted over 1,200 guests on the plush lawn of Soundscape Park at the New World Symphony on Miami Beach. Where will this year’s location be? The secrecy remains until minutes before showtime.

Diner en Blanc is not your average pop up dinner and takes preparation to make sure you maximize your experience. There are some key rules like being dressed elegantly in white from head to toe and making sure that you bring your fine dinnerware, a picnic basket of fine food, and all white table setting. There’s also a picture perfect seating arrangement with all of the women sitting on one side of the table and the men sitting on the other side. When the cloth napkins are waved in the air, that’s the signal for the start of dinner and the lighting of sparklers indicates that you’re now free to circulate, mingle, and dance. And since this is an event full of unexpected surprises, here’s a few more tips to get you ready for the best Diner en Blanc experience.

5 Tips To Prepare you for Diner en Blanc Miami

  • Expect high fashion – We love to play dress up in Miami so expect nothing less than fashion statements at Diner en Blanc. Last year’s fashions included a bunch of boas, a few tutus, a lot wigs, and what almost looked like wedding dresses. So get fancy in your all white, be sure to look chic, and make a statement.
  • Don’t be afraid to go over the top – With so many people coming from around the country and familiar with the event, many attendees don’t just bring plates and candles. They bring statues, bouquets, centerpieces, etc.

  • Expect surprises – Everything is so tightlipped that none of the details can be revealed, BUT always expect a few surprises at Diner en Blanc. As an internationally known event with more than 100,000 revelers around the world spanning dozens of cities, you just never know what surprise is in store and who will show up. Miami’s favorite girl, Gabrielle Union, was one of the guests at last year’s inaugural event.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must – Ladies we all know we are going to wear those high heels to complete our outfits, but sneaking some flats in our bag is definitely a must. After hearing about the huge conga line that happened last year, we know there will be dancing so make sure to bring some dancing shoes.
  • Get ready for a party – Between the sea of beautiful people dressed in white, a sexy venue, and the ambience of it all, expect to have nothing short of a fabulous night. And when the sparklers go off, that’s your cue to let your hair down and party. This event has grown so much just from last year and organizers are expected an increase of 1,000 guests over last year.

Other things you should know is to make sure you charge up your phone so that you can take tons of pictures. Buy a little more alcohol than you intend since one bottle may not be enough to last for a four hour event. Apothic Wine is the official wine again for this year and Perrier Jouet is the official Champagne and is available for sale. JetBlue is the official airline partner and will be giving away raffle tickets for airline tickets to take guests to a future Diner en Blanc. MiRide, the official transportation partner, will also have rides available for reservation for guests unable to use the departure buses/locations.