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Tango Lovers comes to the Fillmore Miami Beach on Thursday night

Calling all tango lovers! The Fillmore Miami Beach is where you want to be Thursday to see the award- winning dance production, Tango Lovers.


The show was recognized with a Latin Ace Award 2015 for best musical show of the year, and now it’s back to showcase its unique styles of tango. The performance is divided into two parts: First, the audience sees the golden age of tango in the 1940s and 1950s, then comes the modern view of the Argentinian-born dance.

The audience “can expect to see a completely different performance than what they are used to seeing in the market and what is going around various countries currently,” said Pierina Asti-Schulz, producer and executive director of the show. “We try to give it a different touch. We try to tell stories within every topic.”


Tango Lovers came together five years ago in Florida. Asti-Schulz and artistic director and choreographer Marcos Ayala initially worked together and cultivated the project of a tango-based performance that reached all cultures, age groups and generations. To create the choreographies, he used the past and contemporary life as inspiration.


Ayala wants to inspire younger crowds and emphasize that tango is for all age groups — and that anyone can watch and dance it.

“I think that tango is a very urban rhythm that fits into the cities and into many cultures,” he said. “Tango was born in the ports of the Rio de la Plata [River Plate] from a mix of immigrants, and that is what I want to bring to the public: the stories that they live, the mixes of culture. I feel like that is the message that tango inspires.”