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A mermaid fitness class? It’s a thing now and you can do it in South Florida

Are you ready to for your Arielle in the Little Mermaid moment, folks?

Of course you are!

Look no further than AquaMermaid mermaid classes.

“Class participants will learn the art and fitness of mermaid and merman swimming,” AquaMermaid Owner Charlotte Towne says. “We start the class by selecting the mermaid tails and fitting the monofin. Then we get in the water without our tails for a quick warm-up/swimming ability evaluation. Next, we put on our tails and let the magic begin,” she adds.

Mermaid class

From kiddos to adults, AquaMermaid teaches class participants how to swim like a salty siren (Hint: you’ve got to make a BIG wave with your body to propel through the water). Students will also learn a variety of different mermaid movements and tricks, aqua fitness exercises for the teen/adult classes, games for the kids classes, and mermaid posing for photos in the tail at the end. Hellooooo, Instagram sensation!

Towne offers weekly open-to-the-public mermaid classes at the Hotel Morrison pool (located at 28 S. Federal Highway in Dania Beach) every Saturday at 2 p.m. for kids (ages 7 to 12) and 3 p.m. for teens and adults. There are also weekly mermaid classes at the Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott (located at 3030 Holiday Drive in Fort Lauderdale) for hotel guests only. AquaMermaid also offers classes at private pools for special events such as birthdays and bachelorette parties.

The cost of each 1-hour class is $60 and Towne offers special rates for groups and parties. AquaMermaid also offers a package of 12 classes for $225.

A tip for first time mer-folk? “The key to success is mastering the wave-like movement a mermaid makes while swimming. We also refer to this movement as the ‘dolphin kick’.  Sometimes, participants try to kick with their knees, which is not the correct technique.  The wave-like movement technique is a full body undulation starting from the head, moving down to the hips, and ending with a flick of the feet. Mermaids don’t have knees. Focus on moving your hips, not your knees,” Towne says.

Underwater wiggling aside, Towne adds, “The hardest part about swimming like a mermaid is not wanting to take the tail off at the end of class because being a mermaid is so fun!”

Book online at or call (866) 279-2767.  Tail rental is included.