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Jackson’s food hall is open in Miami. Here are the best things we ate and how to order

You can sit at the bar or grab a table at the lively, noisy food hall.
You can sit at the bar or grab a table at the lively, noisy food hall.

No more excuses about why eating healthy is too hard, Miami. Jackson Hall is now open for business, so put down that greasy slice of pizza. This new food hall aims to help you achieve those elusive wellness goals.

More importantly, it fulfills those other important goals, the ones that insist you eat stuff that tastes really good.

The first public food hall in a  dedicated health care setting, Jackson Hall – smack in the middle of Miami’s medical district – opened Tuesday with six vendors: Della Bowls; Charcoal Rotisserie; Little Island Poke Shop; Leo + Bloom Delicatessen; Levante Mediterranean; and Radiate Apothecary & Bar, which will serve wine, beer and spirits, juices, smoothies and kombucha.

The Jackson Hall team – the same people behind The Wynwood Yard – also have plans to build a hydroponic farm on the third floor of the building to  grow 1,000 pounds of greens, herbs and vegetables.

Jackson Hall space (1)
Jackson Hall was a slickly designed space where healthful and flavorful food came under one roof.

So here’s how you order: Head up to the second floor of the Civica Center at 1050 NW 14th St. The five food vendors have separate counters on one side, and you order via computer screen on the other. You pay with a credit card and enter a phone number; the vendor will text you when your food is ready. (Radiate Apothecary & Bar has its own counter facing the seating area.)

Jackson Hall, which is open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, expects to draw mostly from the Miami medical district. But with two-hour free parking at nearby garages, it’s a worthwhile lunch stop even if you’re just passing near the area.

Here are the five best things we tried at Jackson Hall (and we are pretty sure there’s more good stuff we didn’t get around to eating):

della bowls

20180417_123245 (1)
The Dale Bowl is healthy eating at its best, from della bowls.

You may haved tried one of these plant-based bowls at The Wynwood Yard. You would not be wrong to try one here, because it was our favorite thing. We got the Dale Bowl, with refried black beans and brown rice topped with cashew queso, pico de gallo, adashah (a lentil plant-based protein) with chipotle, marinated kale, pepitas, avocado and salsa verda.

Little Island Poke Shop

Yes, the rice is supposed to be green.

We cannot resist a tuna poke bowl, so we went with the classic (there’s also a spicy version). The tuna is fresh and the rice is green – it’s bamboo rice, meaning it’s infused with bamboo, so you get a nice little boost of chlorophyll.



If meat is what you crave, you can try the kebabs. But we could not resist the Mezze Platter, a great sampler with hummus, tzatziki, green tahini, roasted pepper and walnut spread, feta-mint spread, harissa and charred eggplant dip. I tore apart a sandwich from the deli and mopped up the excess with the delicious bread.

Charcoal Rotisserie

20180417_123124 (1)

If you’re doing one of those (absolutely crazy) no carb diets, grab a piece of moist, flavorful rotisserie chicken (or even half a chicken) with a side of vegetables. We went with Brussels sprout salad.

Leo + Bloom Delicatessan

Leo + Bloom Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup

Some days, you just need Mom’s Chicken Soup. You can get it with a side salad at Leo + Bloom’s. Now we know why that combo is so popular with our moms.