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Art Wynwood or Grove Arts Fest this Presidents’ Day weekend? We’ll tell you

Should you hit Art Wynwood (which isn't actually in Wynwood) or the Coconut Grove Arts Festival? We can help.
Should you hit Art Wynwood (which isn't actually in Wynwood) or the Coconut Grove Arts Festival? We can help.

Two big art shows are heading our way for Presidents’ Day weekend. Do you know which one you should go to?

Oh, sure, in a perfect world, we’d all go to both. But you don’t live in a perfect world. You live in Miami. Your huge extended family might stop by. The weather might foil your plans. Traffic will be at Defcon 1  levels.

We’re here for you. We have created this guide to help you choose. If you fall into the following categories, we can point you in the right direction.

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You live in Coconut Grove

Then you really have no choice. Grove Arts Festival it is. You can walk or bike and avoid the crush of drivers battling to the death over a place to park. In fact, can we just crash at your place this weekend?

Your car cost a lot of money

Let us guess: You’re spending most of your weekend at the Miami International Boat Show. If we’re wrong, then off to Art Wynwood with you! You can actually afford to buy a piece (or at least valet park).

Your art budget is modest

Coconut Grove is the more affordable alternative, shoppingwise. Worst case scenario? You find something cool for your guest bathroom.

You want to bask in a Florida February

Like its cousin Art Miami, Art Wynwood is under a tent (also it’s not in Wynwood, but that’s another story). But at the Grove show you can inhale the bay breezes and get a bit of a tan as you stroll from booth to booth.

You want out of this godawful heat

Daytime temperatures will be in the 80s this weekend. If that sounds too sweaty for you, embrace the air-conditioned chill of Art Miami.

You want to bring your pet

Yes, we’re sure your emotional support peacock is a big art lover. And how can you survive a moment without it? Head to the Grove. Pets are not allowed at Art Wynwood. This is a good thing.

You’re a VIP, and you must have VIP access

Art Wynwood is your destination. You can get the first look at the show on VIP night from 6-10 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22. Apply here for your status.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival: Feb 17-19, McFarlane Road, South Bayshore Drive and Pan American Drive in Coconut Grove

Art Wynwood: Feb. 15-19, One Herald Plaza, Miami