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Who wants a free cocktail? You can get free drinks at these South Florida bars.


This Thursday, if a stranger sidles up to you at the bar and offers you a drink, you should definitely accept.

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That’s because on Feb. 8, in celebration of Bacardi’s anniversary, the rum empire will kick off its first-ever “Back to the Bar” campaign. Bacardi employees — or “Primos,” as they’re fondly referred to — will hit twelve South Florida and Broward bars undercover between the hours of 3-6 p.m. Their motive: To encourage patrons to try a signature Bacardi cocktail. If you accept the cocktail, the drink is on Bacardi.

The campaign is part of an initiative to get the staff away from their laptops and into the field, reigniting their entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging connections between the brand and their newfound friends.

If you’re out and about at one of the designated bars, you might be offered a Bacardi Cuba Libre, in addition to cocktails featuring other Bacardi brands, including a Martini Negro, a Grey Goose Martini, Dewar’s On the Rocks, or a Bombay Sapphire & Tonic. Write ’em down, folks, and get ready to accept.

Participating bars include:

Copper 29

Tap 42

Tarpon Bend

Ball & Chain

The Craftsmen

Dolores but you can Call me Lolita


Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Bleau Bar

SLS Miami Beach

Havana 1957- Shops @ Pembroke Gardens

Grille 401- Las Olas

Budda Sky Bar – Del Ray

Here’s a pro-tip: the Bacardi office is located in Coral Gables, so chances of scoring complimentary tipples in that neighborhood are looking pretty good.