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You can act like a kid again at these fun Miami hot spots

Relive the glory days of roller skating at Faena Forum.
Relive the glory days of roller skating at Faena Forum.

Adulting has its downside, like recurring payments replacing recess. If only there was a way to get back to the good old days — to a time when you were carefree, revved up on ice cream and frosting and ready to roll through the day on a pair of skates.

Oh, but there is. Thanks to this kid-approved, adult-friendly list of local spots, you can act like the pre-pubescent fun seeker you once were. Back before credit card statements and cholesterol checks became a part of your daily life.


Did someone say laser tag?

Relive the arcade days now at FunDimension in Wynwood. The arcade/laser tag/bumper car hybrid is a throwback to your younger years, with 30 different games (including skee ball). There’s also a bungee dome outside for you to hop around in. If spinning around on the bumper cars and running though the laser tag court doesn’t leave you feeling young again,  grab a slice of pizza at the food counter and keep going until it does.

FunDimension, 2129 NW First Court, Miami; 786-360-1766

2129 NW First Court, Miami

Artsy Hive

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Remember the last time you brought home a hand-painted piece of art that was then proudly displayed in your kitchen? Here’s your chance to throw some paint on pre-fired pottery and turn it into a masterpiece that you’ll keep pencils in for years to come. This Miami Shores art studio may feel a little like your elementary school art class, but trust us, it’s way cooler.

Artsy Hive, 211 NE 95th St., Miami Shores; 305-456-1059

211 NE 95th St., Miami Shores

Bunnie Cakes Studio

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Let them eat gluten-free, kosher, organic vegan cakes. Well, cupcakes that you design yourself inside of Bunnie Cakes studio, anyway. Add too much frosting. Toss on too many sprinkles. Go wild with the gummy bears. Layer on the fondant. And then, as your reward for embracing your inner vegan Betty Crocker, eat those six cupcakes you just designed like there’s no such thing as calories.

Bunnie Cakes Studio, 2328 NE Second Ave., Miami; 305-364-5082

2328 NE Second Ave., Miami


Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.45.12

Why eat ice cream shaped like ice cream when you can eat ice cream shaped like a unicorn inside of a fishtail ice cream cone? Any kid will tell you ice cream shaped like magical creatures just tastes better. And if you happen over to Taiyaki at 1-800-Lucky you can taste and see for yourself. Start with a vanilla, chocolate, matcha or black sesame ice cream, toss things on it like strawberry syrup, sprinkles, mochi and a unicorn horn, let at least half of it run down your chin and you’re the happiest kid on the block.

Read more: Here are the best things we ate at 1-800-Lucky.

1-800-Lucky, 143 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-768-9826

143 NW 23rd St., Miami

Roller skating at Faena Forum

Relive the glory days of roller skating at Faena Forum. Carolina Bonfanti

Back in the day you set Hot Wheels on fire in your brown rented roller skates. The grapevine. The moonwalk. You were a legend on wheels. Now you can relive your glory days the second Sunday of every month at Faena Forum, where you’ll skate on a work of art. My, how things have evolved over the years. A DJ will play tunes  while drinks and snacks will keep you fueled up  to race you across the installation from duo Assume Vivid Astro Focus. Oh, and skates are included in the free event, so no need to dig yours out of storage.

Faena Forum3300-3398 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.