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Miami-based Company DryZzz Makes Beauty Sleep Simple

It’s time to let your hair down — really. A new Miami-born company has developed a timesaving step to add to your bedtime rituals. DryZzz, a new two-sided pillowcase, functions as a towel to make it easy to dry your hair without losing a wink of beauty sleep.

DryZzz creator Linda Villena never imagined that helping her daughter Julia prepare for the 5th grade invention fair would lead to a prosperous business venture. After a night of brainstorming for the perfect idea, the concept for DryZzz came to Villena when Julia got ready for bedtime with wet hair from the shower.

She knew she was onto something and enlisted her sister Susan Culmo to bust out the 1962 Singer Sewing Machine and bring her vision to fruition. “Every mother [at the fair] came up to Linda and said ‘If they sold that in the stores I would buy it,’” DryZzz Co-Owner Culmo says.

After four years of prototypes and patents, Villena and Culmo have mass-produced the pillowcases made from a microfiber towel and waterproof lining on one side and a delicate 300-thread count surface on the other. The items retail at $19.99 and come in a variety of patterns and colors.

“I stuck with it because I knew it was a good product. I knew the market was out there,” Villena says. From busy business women to drooling husbands, the sisters were surprised to see a unique customer demographic. DryZzz now seeks to expand its clientele to the beachside hotels and spas.

Adding the “sweet” to sweet dreams, DryZzz donates a portion of all proceeds to childhood cancer research through Sofia’s Hope, Inc., a non-profit organization in memory of Julia’s childhood friend Sofia Blanco.

Say goodbye to bed head and peep the full DryZzz collection here.